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Certified Master Trainer™

Certified NLP Master Practitioner™| Certified NLP Life Coach™
Certified EQ Practitioner™
Certified Behavior Management Specialist™
M.Sc. Org. Psy. | F.Inst.T.M

Training is not based on Text Book Theory alone but more about Practical Results.
- Praga R. -

Certified Master Trainer

Praga is a highly interactive and engaging international trainer, whose work is mainly based on research and applied knowledge from extensive experiences in bench-marking organizations best practices. As a dynamic training & development leader with more than 2 decades of experience, his training uniqueness comes from his Accelerated Training Approach which is built on Learning Design Re-patterning Model™ known by many to be empowering, refreshing and filled with success formulas. 

Praga is the co-founder of Accelerated Training Approach™ built on Learning Design Re-Patterning Model and a Fellow Member with the Institute of Therapies Management (London). As Certified Behavior Management Specialist and a fellow member he is the only Singaporean to be certified as a Master Trainer with the Institute Therapist Management of London researching on Human Behaviour.He is also a Certified Agile-Scrum Master & Product Owner (SCRUM Alliance) trained directly by Stuart Mitchell; one of the top leading Agile coach known globally. Praga is a Certifed NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach (ABNLP) and Certified EQ Practitioner(CTAA).  

At A Glance :

  • Certifed SCRUM Master®
  • Certifed SCRUM Product Owner®
  • Certified Master Trainer in Psychotherapy™
  • Certifed EQ Practitioner™
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner ™
  • Certified Master Life Coach ™
  • Certified Behavior Management Specialist™
  • Certified Trainer in Applied Counselling ™
  • Certified Stress Management Trainer™
  • Certified Psychometric Trainer™
  • Certified ACTA Trainer & Assessor

In the early years, after serving the Republic of Singapore Navy for 7 years, Praga worked has an IT program consultant by delivering program seminars to industrial leaders where he was also recognized and awarded the best sales performer for continuously achieving and exceeding organizational targets. He also became competent in the field of Information Technology by successfully completing and becoming a Microsoft Certified System Engineer(MSCE), Microsoft Certified System Administrator(MSCA) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

His dynamic and refreshing approach is supported by his vast experiences in the corporate paradigm where he had successfully held the helms for senior positions such as Business Development Manager (APAC), Senior Training Consultant, Assistant Director in various organizations. He has also learned much by working with renown international speakers like Philip Hesketh- Trainer and author of Psychology of Persuasion and Influence, Alan Fairweather –The Motivational Doctor, Dr. Wil Holton-Founder NFNLP, Kenneth Wood. PhD. – Principal Unifaculty and many others. Praga has also been interviewed by national T.V (MediaCorp) for good instructional practice & his articles are often found in Asia Pacific Publications.

Praga’s forte lies in Organizational Psychology and Human Behaviour coupled with his diverse knowledge & experience in Information Technology, Business and Psychology. As a dynamic speaker, trainer and consultant Praga was also a Master Trainer engaged by the Centre for Behavioural Science and an Adjunct Lecturer with Aventis School of Management delivering and modulating post graduate programs such as Blueprint for T&D. Holding a Masters in Organizational Psychology, Degree in Business Administration and several Diplomas in Psychology and Psychotherapy. He has delivered numerous topics in (not limited to) Resilience, Behavior Profiling, Body Language,NLP, Negotiation, Time Line, Change Management, EQ, Communication, Sales, Leadership Laws, Mindset & Attitude, Strategy Planning, Problem Solving, Empowerment, 7 Habits, Multiple Intelligence, Thinking Hats, Customer Experience, Cross Culture, Team Building,Critical & Creative Thinking, Enneagram.

Praga continuously researches on content development while working with many supporting partners globally. His expertise and experiences have gained much recognition. His engagements are uniquely lively, humorous and filled with practical solutions beyond text book theories. Apart training in Singapore for Corporate and Government bodies, Praga travels and delivers his knowledge to clients in Russia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia.

“There is always a way to seek a desired outcome while training will only be effective if the knowledge learnt can be applied.”
– Praga (Master Trainer / F.Inst.T.M) -



Workshops/Seminars allows time for audience to internalize the theoretical models and knowledge into practical applications. Facilitated with activities, role-plays, group work, case studies, ensures key learning objectives are learned through interactive engagement maximizing training effectiveness.

Short Talks

Short talks are informal bite-sized sessions delivered over 1-2 hours.It maximize your time to learn where specific objectives are easily digested. Great for clients who are pressed with time or to understand further on a particular subject matter before initiating on a full / half day training workshops


Consultation maximises the benefits for clients both in pre and post training initiatives. It helps conceptualize needs, expectations and gaps through various tools, assesments and reports to measure the ROI of training their framework. 

Instructional Design

One of the key elements of conducting effective training will be instructional design and content development which focuses on the key learnings to be delivered methodically. These may include session plans, objectives, time line and case studies. Development may include, trainers guide, trainee materials,  presentation decks and other resourses 


Investment saving alternative through virtual training. Impactful learning sessions based on mirolearning methodology.  Minimize on theories and go direct to practical learning applications at the comfort of home or workspace.


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